Enjoy the best Breakfast & Brunch in Quito. It’s  just another thing we’re known for, along with magic pancakes, supreme omelets and big plates to get you energized and ready for the day!
Eggs & Omelets

All served with Magic Salsa and Whole Wheat Toast.

Ham and Mozzarella Omelet

Spinach and Cheese Omelet

Two Eggs Your Style with Homefries

Vegetarian Omelet – Zucchini, Onions, Tomatoes and Mushrooms

Omelet or Eggs Your Style – Choose any 3 delicious selections:

Corn | Spinach | Sausage | Basil | Mushroom | Tomato | Jalapeño

Mozzarella | Dambo | Parmesan | Bacon | Ham

Magic Breakfast

All breakfasts are served with coffee and fruit juice: Tree tomato, pineapple, watermelon or orange.

Continental – 2 Eggs Your Style and White Bread with Jam and Butter

Tasty – 2 Fried Eggs served with Grilled Spanish Sausage and White Bread

Bon Dia – 2 French Toast served with Fresh Fruit and Maple Syrup

Breakfast Panini – Exquisite hot Ham and Cheese Panini


Magic Pancakes

Comes with 2 pancakes served with your choice of maple flavoured syrup, mixed fruit topping or honey.

Plain and Simple


Strawberries – Sautéed with Sugar and Spices

Blackberries – Sautéed with Sugar and Spices

Sliced Apples – Sautéed with Cinnamon and Sugar

Plain Pancake – Comes with 2 fried Eggs and Ham, Bacon or Chorizo

  • *Add Whipped Cream


Cereal & Fruit

Fruit Salad – Lots of Fresh Fruit with Plain Yogurt and Honey

Nut Granola – With Raisins, Yogurt and Honey

Granola – With Fruit, Yogurt and Honey

French Toast


Kids Breakfast

Pancake Kid – Banana/Nut, Strawberry or Chocolate with Whipped Cream or Ice Cream

Egg Your Style – With Ham or Bacon with Toast

French Toast – With Whipped Cream or Ice Cream and Fruit


Our Recommendations

Egg McBagel Sandwich – Fried Egg, melted Cheese and Ham on a Toasted Bagel of your choice 

Huevos Rancheros – Flour Tortillas smothered in Sautéed Onions, Green and Red Peppers, Refried Beans and a Special Sauce; covered with 2 Fried Eggs and topped with Cheese 

El Vaquero – Tangy slices of Spanish Chorizo and 2 Fried Eggs with Sautéed Potatoes
and Onions accompanied a with Tomatoes topped with melted Cheese 

El Campesino – Fried Eggs, Scalloped Potatoes with an Avocado, Tomato and Lettuce Salad

On The Side

Toast with Jam and Butter
Bagel with Cream Cheese
Two Eggs Your Style with a Toast
Cheese or Ham
Bacon or Chorizo
Any “one” Pancake