If you’ve had the pleasure of visiting us before, get ready for some new flavors and twists! The Magic Bean is full of surprises with our incredible updated menus! Choose a menu below to view:
Enjoy eggs, omelets, paninis, magic pancakes and more to fill up before heading out on your adventure! Take your time and have Brunch or call us ahead of time to place an early order! See The Menu!
The spot for Lunch in Quito is The Magic Bean! We’ve got two great locations for any appetite! Delicious sandwiches, pasta, salads, smoothies, vegetarian items and more! See The Menu!
Start your evening at The Magic Bean where you can sit back, relax, enjoy a comforting meal & listen to live music. You’ll be sure to have a great time inside or on the patio! See The Menu!
Let the little ones imaginations run wild as they enjoy the fun, ambience and flavor at The Magic Bean. They’re sure to make memories, plus walk out with full tummies and smiles on their faces! Which means you’ll be smiling too!   See The Menu!
Wake up to some of the best specialty coffee in Quito, jump into one of our fresh squeezed juices or real fruit smoothies, make bubbles in a batidos (milkshake) or a toast with a refreshing beer, cocktail or fine glass of wine! See The Menu!
If you chose to read this option first, you’re definitely a dessert lover in luck! We have a list of yummy treats like pies, cakes, muffins and more! Enjoy with a meal or on it’s own, either way, you deserve to enjoy the pleasures of life while in Quito! See The Menu!


The following items can be purchased at the cashier’s desk:
T shirts, Long sleeve T-shirts, Mugs with logo; Coffee beans / Ground coffee; Caps, Postcards, Magic Bean Stickers and Stamps for North America or Europe.